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Textile banks

As of August 2019 New Forest District Council will be joining the County Textiles Framework. The Framework is managed by Fareham Borough Council and ensures continuity of textile banks across all Council sites. The Framework also means that the Council have greater control over the allocation of funds received from the donated textiles.

The Salvation Army Trading Company have been awarded the tender to manage the textile banks for all local authorities joining the framework. By September 2019 the textiles banks on Council owned sites will be changed to Black Salvation Army banks. Once the banks are in place any income received will be apportioned accordingly:

  • 60% awarded to, and split equally between a minimum of 2 local charities. These charities will be selected annually and will not be the same in consecutive years. They must also directly serve or benefit the district.
  • 20% allocated to the community grants fund to benefit smaller local charities.
  • 20% allocated to additional recycling communication initiatives.  

A full list of available sites and banks will be available here, once the change over process is complete.


Updated: 19 Aug 2019
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