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Local Plan Review - Examination

The Inspectors have identified that Main Modifications are necessary in order for the Local Plan 2016-2026 Part 1 to be found 'sound'. As part of the Examination process the Inspectors have asked the Council to undertake a public consultation on the proposed Main Modifications and associated Sustainability Appraisal Addendum and Updated Habitats Regulations Assessment. The consultation will take place from Friday 13 December 2019 to Friday 31 January 2020.

Details of the Local Plan Review, covering the period 2016 - 2036 can be found here.


Nutrient Neutrality (nitrates)

On Wednesday 4 September 2019, New Forest District Council's Cabinet approved the Position Statement on Nutrient Neutral Development . The position statement highlights those developments which are expected to provide avoidance and mitigation on-site, thus resulting in a nutrient neutral development. It also sets out that, for any other applicable developments, the exact scale of avoidance and mitigation package (which would take the form of a financial contribution) is not yet known.

If your development falls within the blue area shown on the map it is very important that you read the information on this page. It will have implications for your development.

As part of the information needed to determine relevant planning applications, a European Site avoidance and mitigation checklist will be required. This should be submitted to the council as part of the suite of planning application documents.

Further information can be found on the Nutrient Neutrality web page.

New Milton Neighbourhood Plan

The New Milton Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted and 'Regulation 16' public consultation closed on 21 October 2019. Details of the independent examination stage will be published here when available. The appointed examiner is Mr David Hogger.

The Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents are available at and on the New Milton Neighbourhood Plan website.




Updated: 24 Dec 2019
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