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Information for Private Sector Landlords and Tenants

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Private Housing

We provide a range of services to assist landlords, tenants and homeowners.

These services include:

  • Information and advice for Landlords
    • Standards in private rented accommodation and your legal responsibilities.
    • Standards for houses in multiple occupation.
    • Landlord Accreditation.
    • Tenancy and other private sector housing advice.
  • Information and advice for home owners
    • Grants to help maintain your home.
    • Grants for adaptations for disabled adults and children.
    • Advice on home maintenance
    • Safety in the home.
    • How to employ a builder.
    • How to make your home warmer and more energy efficient.
    • Keeping safe from Carbon monoxide
    • Asbestos
    • Dealing with condensation damp and mould
  • Information and advice for tenants
    • Standards in rented accommodation.
    • Dealing with complaints about poor standards.
    • Information and help with overcrowding.
    • Tenancy advice
    • Dealing with condensation damp and mould
    • Safety in the home.
    • Advice on home maintenance
  • Home security
    • Insurance
    • Security measures
    • Prevention tips
    • Identity and credit-card fraud

As a statutory housing authority, NFDC has duties and responsibilities delegated to it by central government relating to the improvement of standards in residential accommodation.  The standards are designed to ensure that accommodation is safe, in reasonable repair, with at least a minimum level of facilities and not overcrowded.

Although we have a number of statutory powers to deal with sub-standard accommodation we try to assist and resolve problems informally wherever possible and the use formal powers as a last resort.

For further information you may wish to look at the following;

adobe icon HMO guide [97kb]

adobe icon Enforcement Policy [53kb]

adobe icon Enforcement Concordat Summary [15kb]

Updated: 9 Jul 2015
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