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Hordle Admiralty Scaffolding Removal - Facts and Information

Work to remove the Hordle Admiralty Scaffolding has now been completed.  Work took place during two phases in March and April 2017.  These phases coincided with good spring tidal windows to allow access to the metal scaffolding at low tide.  The contractors worked during 19 tides in total, equivalent to more than 500 man hours.

Hordle metal

The area covered by the excavators was 10,400 sq m, equivalent to just over 2.5 football pitches.  This area extended to include all known locations of metal scaffolding, with beach material excavated, sieved and sorted to find and remove the metal scaffolding.  The final amount of metal scaffolding removed was 9.73 tonnes.  By removing the hazardous metal scaffolding, safety for beach users has now been improved.

9.73 tonnes

Despite the extensive removal works, there is still a small risk that metal scaffolding may remain buried beyond the extent of the area covered.  Beach users are therefore still encouraged to take care and report the location of any metal scaffolding to New Forest District Council if it becomes exposed in the future.

Not only was metal scaffolding removed - a total of 8 mortar shells were discovered during the works, prompting attendance from the Coastguard and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team.  The removal operation was also overseen by local archaeologists.

The project was completed earlier than expected due to excellent tidal and weather conditions for each phase.










Updated: 31 Jul 2017
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