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Grass Cutting

We cut over 29 million square metres of grass on council-owned land across the district every year, helping to maintain verges and open spaces.

Grass cutting  
Where do we cut the grass?

We cut the grass on council-owned land. We do not cut grass on private property or land owned by other organisations, such as Parish Councils, unless there is an agreement in place.

How often will we cut the grass?

The frequency of the cut depends on the type of land use:

Land use


Urban areas (generally 40mph or less)

We cut up to 6 times a year between Mid-March and early November on behalf of Hampshire County Council. This will be done every 5-6 weeks, depending on the season and weather conditions.

Rural road verges (generally over 40mph)

These verges are cut by Hampshire County Council


Our Cemeteries Team cuts these regularly, typically monthly depending on weather and internments

Open Spaces

We cut these up to monthly between Mid-March and early November

There may be changes to the planned cutting programme due to weather, ground or soil conditions or where we are introducing wildflower meadows to help biodiversity and wildlife.

The grass is not collected after we cut it, instead it is left to break down back into the soil. We will clear significant amounts of grass from the footpath after cutting to keep the area tidy.

Updated: 15 Mar 2017
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