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Keyhaven River - Solent Forum

The biggest potential for change lies with the gathering momentum behind implementing the European Habitat and Birds Directives.

This is being given effect locally by the creation of a Single Scheme of Management for the Solent - the Solent Forum, particularly in relation to marine sites (SEMS).

In essence this has seen the creation of a joined up approach to how the European Solent Candidate Special Area of Conservation and Special Protection Area are managed.  At this stage it is too early to say what the actual impacts, if any, will be.  On the one hand, this is great news for the nature conservation status of this unique area.  However, part of what makes it unique is the blend of uses and the integration of economic and social influences, as well as environmental.  Managed in tune with these needs, we believe Keyhaven is sustainable along the current lines.  Nonetheless, the powers available to effect change are considerable and therefore there will be a need to keep abreast of any implications as they unfold.

The council adheres to the Keyhaven River Management Plan to guide its operations at Keyhaven.

Updated: 28 Oct 2014
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