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Keyhaven River Management Strategy

Coastal Management Plan - Fundamental Service Plan

The current management of Keyhaven is mainly based on the proposals contained in the Lymington / Keyhaven Management Plan.

Of particular significance to our work is the fourth objective of the plan:

"To recognise the economic and social functions of the marshes and thus to accommodate commercial fishing, angling, bait digging, wild fowling, sailing, bird watching, walking and other recreational pursuits, whilst providing the means of resolving conflicts".

The Plan calls for a balanced and sympathetic approach and this has been behind the way we do our work at Keyhaven.  These policies relate to the Council's corporate aim for the coast but clearly also have strong connections to those for environment and sport.

Policies of restraint are also evident in the District Local Plan which calls for no significant increase in activity on the river and makes no plans for additional car parking or dinghy parking.

Coastal Management Plan

The District Council's Coastal Management Plan (CMP) covers a much wider area than this one but the themes are consistent, reflecting the very special nature of this part of the coast.

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Updated: 16 Apr 2015
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