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Grants and Funding

Grants and Funding

The search for funding can be a long and arduous one. Wherever you look it is a virtual certainty that the amount of money in any fund will be less than the amount wanted by all those chasing it.

Grant Funding from New Forest District Council

The application process is open for submission of applications - Deadline for submission is Midnight Sunday 29 September 2019

All applications will be reviewed against the eligibility. Selected applicants will be invited to attend a small Task and Finish Group to discuss the funding request.  This will give the applicants the opportunity to present their case with any additional information and answer any questions regarding their application.

 Please note we do not provide funding for individuals.  If you are an individual seeking personal support for costs such as those involved in sports coaching, visit our Sports Funding page.      

District Council Construction Funding

These funds are for the construction of new buildings or the extension of existing buildings.  We cannot support maintenance works as these are the responsibility of the organisation itself.  If you are involved in a building project and you start before you make contact with us, we will not be able to consider your project.

Please note the timescales as ensure that any partnership funding that you have secured is available at the appropriate time. Schemes must be specifically allied to the Council's Corporate Plan - Corporate Plan 2016 - 2020.  Any bids under this heading are the subject of a long process via what is known as the Council's Expenditure Plan. The outcome of the bid will not be confirmed until February of the following year and, if successful, the actual funding would not be available until after 1st April.

It is essential that the criteria on the document below. Please also ensure that you satisfy the following:

•If you are requesting an investment in property or land, you will need to be able to show that the organisation has security of tenure.

•Applications cannot be made retrospectively - i.e. you cannot apply if the organisation has already entered into any form of commitment in respect of the project, prior to making an application.

•The organisation and the project must be to the benefit of residents of the New Forest District Council area.

•The application needs to be from an organisation, not an individual.

•The organisation must have a constitution which is to the satisfaction of the Council.

•You must be able to demonstrate that the organisation is financially and administratively viable.

Construction Grant Application Form

Please view the adobe icon Capital Grant form. [62kb]  docs icon Construction Grant Funding application [40kb]

If you have any uncertainties about the criteria and how they relate to your circumstances, or how to complete the form then please contact the appropriate officer.

This is a time of great pressure on funding.  If you speak to our officers, depending on the nature of your need, they may also be able to assist with ideas for other sources of funding.

Revenue Grant Application Forms

adobe icon Annual Revenue Evaluation & Application form. [100kb]docs icon Annual Revenue Grant Evaluation [45kb]

adobe icon New Application Revenue form 2019-20. [100kb]docs icon New Applicants Revenue form [45kb]

adobe icon Grant Criteria. [54kb]

Councillors' Community Engagement Grants

Each District Councillor has an amount of £600 to allocate, at their discretion, to address local needs within their communities where small scale improvements can potentially make a big difference.   Before awarding the grant, the Councillor must be of the opinion that the grant will be of benefit to the residents of his/her ward.  The grant may not be used to benefit an individual resident or household.

Please contact your local councillor if you would like to approach him/her about possibly making a contribution towards a scheme or project you feel will benefit residents in your area.

If you do not know the name of your Councillor or the ward in which you live, go to    (Please note that this is not an official website and the Council cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information on that site.)  You may also contact the Council's Electoral Services Team on:

023 8028 5445

Councillors' contact details are available at

adobe icon Schedule of payments 2013-2014 [86kb]

adobe icon Schedule of Payments 2014-2015 [78kb]

adobe icon Schedule of payments 2015-2016 [63kb]

adobe icon Schedule of Payments 2016-2017 [70kb]

adobe icon Schedule of Payments 2017-2018 [89kb]

adobe icon Schedule of Payments 2018-2019 [216kb]

adobe icon Schedule of Payments 2019/2020 [193kb]

Other Sources of Funding

Organisations with funding schemes usually have their own purpose for which they make this funding available. So if your scheme does not fit that purpose, it's not the one to pursue!  However, if after an initial look, your need seems like it might fit, the best thing is always to speak to them.  The sooner you do this the better - they can always ask you to "call back at a later date, when you have more information".  If you leave it too late, you run the danger of missing deadlines or even making yourself ineligible to apply at all.

The main sources of grant aid for projects are:

There are literally thousands of organisations that offer grants to community and voluntary groups.  Where you apply will depend principally on the following:

  • Whether you are a charity, community group, other voluntary organisation, statutory or public organisation;
  • The rules and priorities of the organisation which is offering the funding - for example, it may itself be a charity (grant-giving trust), a voluntary organisation, a National Lottery distributor, or a central Government department or agency, and will specify who can apply and what they will give money for;
  • The rules of a particular grant aid scheme, which will dictate who can apply and for what.
  • All of the above will also have a direct bearing on the way you need to put your application together and the people you need to involve in the actual development and delivery of the project.
  • Approach the potential funder early, do not wait until the work has started.
  • Get the application in before any given deadline.
  • Complete all parts of the application form.
  • You need to 'sell' your scheme to the potential funder.  Include as many details as possible on why your scheme is important, what the benefits will be and how many people will be affected.
  • If you are undertaking a building project, consider how the future running costs will be met.

Community First New Forest can provide you with support in identifying funding options and advice in developing a funding application.  Please call 01425 482773 or visit

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