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Relationship breakdown

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Relationship Breakdown and Housing

If you have recently split up with your partner or are currently experiencing a breakdown in your relationship, you may need to seek advice regarding your housing situation.

You should never relinquish your rights to a property without seeking legal advice from a Solicitor and speaking to us.

Should you fail to do this, you could be making yourself 'intentionally homeless' and therefore we may not have a duty to help re-house you under the homelessness legislation.


Should you wish to resolve your relationship problems, mediation* is available through organisations such as:

Long Term Solutions

Matrimonial Home Rights - Part IV of the Family Law Act gives a married non-owner/non-tenant a legal right to remain in the home that the couple has lived in as their matrimonial home for as long as the marriage lasts.

Occupation Order - The court can make an order granting or enforcing rights to occupy the family home and can also give the power to exclude persons from the home or around it.

Property Adjustment Order - granted to married couples only in conjunction with a divorce, nullity or judicial separation. The Court can divide up or transfer property regardless of ownership or tenancy rights.

Children Act Transfer - granted to unmarried couples with a child of the relationship, or to non-divorcing couples with children or stepchildren where a transfer is for the benefit of the child. The Court can divide up or transfer property regardless of ownership or tenancy rights.

Assignment - available to married, unmarried couples, heterosexual, lesbian or gay relationships where one party is the tenant. Tenancies may be transferred by assignment if the tenancy allows it.

Please consult a solicitor for more information on the above remedies, as they may not be applicable to your circumstances.

Contact Details

For details of local solicitors, the following solicitors* are known to provide specialist help and advice on relationship breakdown. You can find their details by searching the company name using any common search engine.

  • Messons
  • Martins Solicitors
  • Jacksons
  • Heppenstalls
  • Dixon Stuart and Webb
  • Dixon and Templeton
  • Christopher Green McCarrahers
  • Brett Johnson Solicitor
  • Blatch & Co
  • Abrams Collyer

You can also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau Offices.

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Updated: 18 Oct 2017
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