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Reporting a dead animal

Reporting a dead animal on the highway

If you would like to report a dead animal on the highway, please ring customer services on 023 8028 5000. or report it online.

Dead animals will be removed from the highway as soon as possible.

Lost domestic pets

If you fear that your cat or dog may have been involved in a road accident in the New Forest, you may wish to contact the council.  The council keeps a register of dead animals found on the highway and checks all domestic pets for identification chips.  If you would like more information please contact customer services on 023 8028 5000.

Identification chips

If you have a cat or dog you may wish to consider having your pet fitted with an identification chip.  The council's dog wardens routinely check any stray dogs for identification chips.  Identification chips also help the council to identify domestic pets that have been involved in road accidents.

Updated: 27 Jul 2015
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