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Local Government Ombudsman

Complaints against the Council

If a complainant remains dissatisfied after a complaint has been investigated through all stages of the Council's Corporate Complaints Procedure, they are advised where they can pursue their complaint further.  Some services have specific bodies such as the Planning Inspectorate.  However, most complaints are referred to the Local Government Ombudsman who may then carry out a separate investigation. 

Annual reports are provided on how the Council has been investigated and what the outcomes were. Councils' Performance

If you wish to discuss a complaint with the Ombudsman you can call the LGO Advice Team on 0845 602 1983 or 0300 061 0614.  All details can be taken by phone instead of in writing if preferred.

Visit the website

If you wish to make an electronic complaint you should visit their website and use the online form

Fax:  024 7682 0001

In writing to the Local Government Ombudsman, PO Box 4771, Coventry, CV4 0EH

Updated: 2 Oct 2019
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