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UK-wide, national and regional referenda

The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 establishes a fixed legal framework for the conduct of any referendum held across the UK or in England.  It also applies to regional referenda in England.  A recent Act of Parliament has enabled referenda on regional assemblies in England to be held.  However, such a referendum is not expected in the area in which New Forest District Council lies in the foreseeable future.

Mayoral Referenda

The Local Government Act 2000 set out a major change in the way local authorities in England and Wales are run. Most local authorities, including New Forest District Council, operate "executive arrangements". There are three types of executive arrangements set out in the Act:

Leader (elected by the Councillors) and Cabinet
Directly elected Mayor and Cabinet
Directly elected Mayor and Council Manager.

Following public consultation, since August 2001 this Council has been operating Leader and Cabinet executive arrangements.

Local residents can require a referendum on whether there should be a directly elected Mayor by organizing a petition signed by 5% of local electors or more.

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Further information on a mayoral referendum is available on the Electoral Commission's website.

Updated: 19 Mar 2020
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