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District Council Elections

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Information on pending elections and results of any previous elections can be found by clicking on the appropriate link on the left of this page.

Standing for election

Elections for all 60 seats across the Council's 34 wards are held every four years in May. The next one being 4 May 2023. You may be a candidate if you are over 18 and are either listed on the electoral register for the District, or have lived, worked or owned, or were a tenant of a property in the District for at least 12 months preceding nomination.

You may be disqualified from standing for election if you are employed by the Council, have had a bankruptcy restriction order made against you or had a previous criminal conviction with a prison sentence of three months or more, and for some other reasons. If you are in any doubt whether you would be able to stand for election, please contact Electoral Services.

Most candidates are nominated by a political party, but you do not need to have connections with a political party to stand for election. To be nominated as a candidate you need to be proposed and seconded by two electors for the ward in which you wish to stand, and your nomination has to be assented by eight other electors for the ward.

Each nomination paper must be accompanied by the candidate's consent to nomination, and, if standing for a political party, by a certificate signed by the registered nominating officer for that party, authorising you to use the party's description.

Please note that the candidate's consent to nomination must be signed, witnessed and dated within one month of the closing date for the receipt of nominations.

Each candidate is required to appoint an election agent. Whilst it is usual for a candidate to appoint someone else to take on this responsibility, you may act as your own agent. The main duties of an election agent are to run the candidate's election campaign whilst ensuring adherence to the legislation and to take control of the candidate's election expenses.

Further advice on elections is available on the Electoral Commission's website.


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Updated: 19 Mar 2020
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