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"Munificent" Burrard-Neale memorial in Lymington repaired

New Forest District Council announces an important local heritage memorial to Admiral Sir Harry Burrard-Neale, thought to be beyond repair, has been fixed.

Burrard-Neale memorial The decorative cast iron memorial, which dates from 1832, and is on NFDC land, is a monument to Burrard-Neal who was a British officer of the Royal Navy in the 18th century, and Member of Parliament for Lymington. 

In December 2016 the metal gas lamps and whole top section sheared off the top of the column in a storm and, as so badly damaged, considered irreparable. The monument was made safe and taped off.  But earlier this year, after much searching, NFDC Open Spaces Development Officer Simon Hanney, found a specialist contractor able to both reconstruct the upper section, fix the damage, and source replacement parts which had to be hand-made; "The monument, a recognisable local landmark on Lymington quay, is Grade II listed because of its historic interest. As the landowner of where the memorial is,  it was important to us to persist in our search to see how we could get this reassembled in a more robust manner. We are really pleased with the results and hope people enjoy seeing it whole once again."  

Sam Cook, from the contractor Orbis Engineering Ltd, said,  "Repairing the memorial was not easy, sourcing the lamps was extremely hard given that traditional lamp making is a dying art. It was extremely satisfying to see the memorial complete and everyone here hopes that the community of Lymington gets the same pleasure from viewing the memorial as we got from repairing it."  

The monument's local significance is explained by the words inscribed on one side, 'Erected by subscription as a tribute of respect and gratitude to Admiral Sir Harry Neall for his munificent gift of the iron columns for the public lamps in this town'. 



Published: 1 Apr 2019
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