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Homeless with Pets

Whilst the Council has no specific legal duty to cater for pets when a homeless person presents themselves, we appreciate being homeless with your pets could impact on an already stressful situation. In accordance with the Homelessness Code of Guidance (Para. 17.63) the Council will give careful consideration to the circumstances of each applicant with pets who approaches us for assistance.

Emergency temporary accommodation providers, such as hostels and B&Bs, do not always allow pets so we would request where this is the case you seek assistance from friends and family to help accommodate them, should you need to be provided with such accommodation. If this is not possible the Council will work with you to explore alternative solutions for you and your pets.

If you are living in emergency accommodation without your pet your Homelessness & Housing Advice Officer will work with you to secure long term housing, with a view to reuniting you with your pets where possible.


Updated: 14 Jan 2019
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