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How does the Council deal with Habitats Mitigation relating to the impact of phosphorous on the River Avon European site?

Policies DM2 & DM3 of the adopted Local Plan Part 2 (April 2014) advises that development proposals that would be likely to adversely affect the integrity of a designated or candidate Special Area of Conservation (SAC), a classified or potential Special Protection Area (SPA) or listed Ramsar sites will normally not be permitted.  Where development is permitted, the Council will use conditions and/or planning obligations to minimise the damage, provide mitigation and where appropriate, compensatory and enhancement measures.


The River Avon Special Area of Conservation (SAC) is currently failing to meet the Common Standards Monitoring Guidance targets in relation to phosphates (P). In accordance with the Portfolio Holder for Planning and Infrastructure decision of the 11 December, this Council has ring fenced a maximum of £50,000 from the currently held CIL monies to provide suitable mitigation upstream once a suitable project has been identified. 



Any permissions with a condition requiring details to be provided on phosphate mitigation will no longer be required to submit further details and no new permissions will be issued with this condition.


The position will be reviewed in December 2019.

Updated: 19 Dec 2018
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