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Payments to Suppliers - 2018/19

Redacted Items

Certain sensitive or personal information may be redacted or be exempt from publication. Where information has been redacted the entry is listed as 'REDACTED'.

File Format

To help with accessibility, we have produced each file in CSV - this file can be opened in a spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel to allow manipulation of the data. To reformat this (in Excel), use Ctrl+A to select the whole sheet and then click Format... Column... AutoFit Selection.

March 2019,

February 2019,

January 2019,

December 2018,

November 2018,

October 2018,

September 2018,

August 2018,

July 2018,

June 2018,

May 2018,

April 2018


NFDC will regularly review the way expenditure is classified to ensure the process is as accurate as possible.

If you have any queries about these payments, please email

Updated: 4 Jun 2019
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