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Children from local school visit the grounds of our offices

A group of children from the New Forest Small School were given a very special tour of Appletree Court, our main offices in Lyndhurst, this morning (23 April 2018) as part of their studies to understand trees.

Two of  our Tree Officers, Mark Bursey and Bernice McGrail, who usually spend their days helping to look after our 19,976 trees, led the inquisitive children around the grounds to look at the wide variety of trees there.  Mark said, "We have mature English Oaks, remnants of the site's past use as part of the New Forest, alongside ornamental plantings of European Lime, Atlas Cedar and even a Dawn Redwood. But the most unusual specimen is a 150 year old Giant Redwood."

The children were keen to hear more about the trees at Appletree Court, and also had some specific questions for Mark and Bernice, asking 'what is the oldest tree in the world?' and 'What tree has the largest circumference in the world?' (answers below)

Cllr Alison Hoare, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Regulatory Services joined the visit, "The grounds here at Appletree Court are beautifully kept by the Council's grounds maintenance staff, with some fantastic and important trees which are a great asset. Engaging with children and their inquisitive minds raises awareness about the importance of our trees now, and for the future."

Maggie Smith, who teaches at the New Forest Small School, contacted us after being impressed with the variety of trees in the grounds. "The children have been learning about trees as part of their science topic this term. We have looked at seed dispersal in different species, leaf shape, tree anatomy, and photosynthesis. They are an inquisitive group of children and have really enjoyed the topic.  The visit to the Council grounds presented itself as an ideal opportunity to explore a large variety of tree species within the local area. The children at the school enjoy any chance to learn about the village and our local environment."

Many of the trees at Appletree Court have a small sign next to them, giving the common name, Latin name, and a short fact about it (see photos). 

Our Lyndhurst offices grounds are open during weekdays, 7.30 am until 7.00pm, and Saturdays 8am - 12noon.


Updated: 22 Oct 2018
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