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How does the Council discharge its duty to work with applicants?

New Forest District Council take a positive and proactive approach, seeking solutions to any problems arising in the handling of development proposals so as to achieve, whenever possible, a positive outcome.

This is achieved by

  • Strongly encouraging those proposing development to use the very thorough (paid) pre application advice service the Council provides.
  • Working together with applicants/agents to ensure planning applications are registered as expeditiously as possible.
  • Advising agents/applicants early on in the processing of an application (through the release of a Parish Briefing Note) as to the key issues relevant to the application.
  • Updating applicants/agents of issues that arise in the processing of their applications through the availability of comments received on the web or by direct contact.
  • Working together with applicants/agents to closely manage the planning application process. This allows an opportunity to negotiate and accept amendments on applications (particularly those that best support the Core Strategy Objectives) - when this can be done without compromising government performance requirements.
  • Advising applicants/agents as soon as possible as to concerns that cannot be dealt with during the processing of an application  - allowing for a timely withdrawal and re-submission or decision based on the scheme as originally submitted if this is what the applicant/agent requires.
  • When necessary discussing with applicants/agents proposed conditions. Especially those conditions that would restrict the use of commercial properties or land  - when this can be done without compromising government performance requirements.
Published: 10 Dec 2015
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