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What do all the dates on the website and in letters and consultations regarding planning applications mean?

Which ones particularly impact on me if I wish to comment?

Their are various critical dates you have to be aware of regarding when any comments you wish to make have to be returned.

When we first register a planning application we define the earliest decision date which we can reach a decision on this being the first date all the relevant consultations, notices and press advertisements have expired.  This date is noted on our notification e mails and our site notices and can also be ascertained from our website where it appears as the expiry of consultation date.  Please note it can change over time in that if we identify whilst processing an application additional consultations are required we may need to extend it to allow for responses to these additional consultations to be received.  The key point is that to ensure they are taken on board comments must be received by that date.

As part of the registration process we send out various notifications to Town and Parish Councils, the occupiers of properties directly bordering an application site and our consultees. These give a set date that falls well within the earliest decision date period to respond.  Responding by this date suits us best as it allows us to be aware of your views early in the process thereby facilitating us either seeking minor changes to address issues raised.

Updated: 8 Dec 2014
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