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Landscape and urban design

Landscape design and urban design are inextricably linked. Both deal with the creative planning and design of the spaces and places where people live, upholding and enhancing quality of life and quality of environment.

The province of landscape design extends from inner urban areas to the wider countryside, whereas urban design focuses on built settlements, but the purpose of both is to create places that are beautiful and functional, i.e. that fulfil their intended purpose in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Integrated landscape-led design has the power to transform a place into somewhere that is not only highly functional but also has strong character and beauty.

Landscape architects' training allows them to adopt a broad perspective and appreciate the 'bigger picture', and to use their skills to co-ordinate responses to a diverse range of environmental, social and economic needs. We work to provide open space for recreation, creating healthy environments where people can enjoy being outdoors. We encourage and support local community engagement in our projects. We help local people articulate a vision that is unique to their own area, and assist in identifying and promoting strong local character and identity, vital in today's era of mass commercialism and drift towards uniformity.

The landscape and urban design team would be delighted to have the opportunity to undertake projects on your behalf.

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Updated: 28 Feb 2019
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