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How does the Council deal with planning conditions?

Planning or related applications can be granted subject to one or more conditions dependent on the type or nature of the application. The Council often uses standard conditions, although this does not preclude the use of non-standard conditions. Conditions can be restrictive, informative or require the submission of details. Planning conditions should be imposed in accordance with national policy and have regard to the regional, county and district policies.

Conditions have to be complied with and for those requiring the submission of further information a formal application will be required, using the relevant forms and further information on conditions can be accessed via the National Planning PortalIt is not necessary to use the forms but this is encouraged as it ensures all the relevant information is to hand.

The Council will normally aim to respond within 10 working days and whenever possible the 21 day period suggested as best practice will be met.  If further evidence or consultations are required a longer period for determination will be appropriate. In such cases, the Council will aim to respond as soon as possible but this period would rarely exceed 8 weeks.

Negotiation on minor changes to the submitted details can, if considered appropriate by the case officer, be undertaken.

When details are submitted with regard to conditions imposed on planning applications the Council publishes them on the web site on the relevant application case.  It also publishes the comments of the technical consultees whose views have been requested, the final decision and the rationale behind it.  There is no formal opportunity for the community to comment.



Updated: 15 Jan 2016
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