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What is a relevant planning consideration?

Planning Considerations include:

  • The approved policies of the development plan and any relevant supplementary guidance.
  • Government advice as set out in the National Planning Policy Guidance and associated advice available through the The National Planning Portal.
  • Substantial damage to the amenities of residents caused by noise, disturbance, smell, loss of light, or overlooking.
  • The visual impact of the development - what it will look like.
  • Highway safety and traffic generation, including parking.
  • The existing use of the site, or any other planning permissions already granted for the site.
  • The design and the materials proposed and how it fits into the context of the area.
  • Whether the required contributions have been paid.

The following are NOT planning considerations:

  • An alleged loss of value to your property or loss of your view.
  • The developer not having other forms of consent, such as a caravan site licence or a licence for selling alcohol.
  • Disturbance caused by construction work.
  • An opinion that there is no need for the development.
  • Restrictive covenants.
  • Ownership of land or the access to it.
Updated: 5 Mar 2018
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