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Historic Environment (Conservation)

There is evidence across the district of human activity and settlement going back to the pre-medieval period and this influences the places and buildings that are enjoyed and experienced today. Patterns of settlement, land use and the development of commercial activity are all the result of a continuum of activity from past to present. The significant evidence in the form of buildings, landscapes and archaeological features, both below and above ground, are grouped under the title of heritage assets. Special protection is given to such assets both those formally designated; listed buildings, conservation areas, scheduled ancient monuments, parks and gardens, battlefields, wrecks, as well as those termed undesignated heritage assets which may come to light during the planning process or through the work of the team and which may have local rather than national interest. The historic environment team provides advice on all aspects of the historic environment seeking additional advice from specialists at Hampshire County Council where required for example in the case of archaeological evidence.

Specific advice on heritage assets, in terms of whether works are likely to be acceptable or require consent, for which there is a minimal fee, may be obtained by completing and submitting a Heritage Asset Advice Form.

Further guidance on specific asset types can be found by following the links below:

Listed Buildings.
Conservation Areas.
Historic Parks and Gardens.
Scheduled Monuments.

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Updated: 26 Feb 2019
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