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District Council By-Election Results 1998 - 2003

The results of District Council by-elections from 1998 to 2003 are listed below in date order. If you require information on a by-election prior to 1998, please ring Electoral Services: 023 8028 5420

RINGWOOD NORTH, 17 September 1998

NameDescriptionVotes Cast
Sullivan, Veronica AnneLiberal Democrat Focus Team313
Waddington, JohnOfficial Conservative Party Candidate503*


Turnout 21.12%

BASHLEY, 7 June 2001

NameDescriptionVotes Cast
Cleary, Jill LauranThe Conservative Party Candidate2186*
Newlands, Margaret RoseLiberal Democrat1638

* Elected

Turnout: 59.73%

MARCHWOOD, 19 July 2001

NameDescriptionVotes Cast
Smith, Nicholas Leonard ThomasThe Conservative Party Candidate541*
Goodfellow, Alan George WilliamThe Labour Party Candidate169

* Elected

Turnout 18.38%

BECTON, 22 November 2001

NameDescriptionVotes Cast
Beck, Godfrey CharlesThe Conservative Party692*
Newlands, Margaret RoseLiberal Democrat442

* Elected

Turnout 21.45%

MILFORD, 21 February 2002

NameDescriptionVotes Cast
Pemberton, Brian Michael FranklandThe Conservative Party781*
Szwaczka, Jacqueline MargaretLiberal Democrats275

* Elected

Turnout 25.61%

PENNINGTON, 21 February 2002

NameDescriptionVotes Cast
Hickman, Paul EricLiberal Democrat1079*
Beasley, Penelope LouiseThe Conservative Party449

* Elected

Turnout 34.78%

RINGWOOD NORTH, 21 February 2002

NameDescriptionVotes Cast
Ford, Lorna ChristineThe Conservative party337*
Wright, Stephen CharlesIndependent203
Chambers, PeterLiberal Democrat169

* Elected

Turnout 18.16%

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