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European Parliament - 1999 Results

New Forest is part of the South East Region of the European Parliament.   The region is represented by 11 Members.   The Region extends from the English Channel in the east, to Oxfordshire in the north (excluding the London Boroughs), and New Forest District in the West.

The 1999 elections used the proportional representation voting system for the first time.   Voters selected a party or an independent candidate.  The proportion of the total votes each party obtained was used to determine the number of seats they won.

1999 Election Results

Party/CandidateVotes Cast% of Vote
British National Party12,1610.82%
Conservative Party661,93144.42%
Green Party110,5717.42%
Labour Party292,14619.61%
Liberal Democrats228,13615.31%
Natural Law Party2,7670.19%
Pro Euro Conservative Party27,3051.83%
Socialist Labour Party7,2810.49%
UK Independence Party144,5149.7%
Brian Bundy (Independent)1,8570.12%
John Michael Goss (Independent)1,4000.09%

The following were elected as MEPs for the South East Region



James ProvanConservative
Roy PerryConservative
Peter SkinnerLabour
Emma Nicholson, Baroness of WinterbourneLiberal Democrats
Daniel HannanConservative
James EllesConservative
Mark WattsLabour
Nigel FarageUK Independence
Niranjan DevaConservative
Christopher HuhneLiberal Democrats
Caroline LucasGreen



Updated: 29 Oct 2014
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