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Have your say - Clean Air Zone (CAZ) Consultation


1 June - 13 September 2018

We are working with Southampton City Council on the consultation about a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in Southampton.

Clean Air Zones are areas where targeted action is taken to improve air quality and they are being introduced nationally to reduce levels of roadside nitrogen dioxide. Southampton City Council and New Forest District Council were identified by government as having areas predicted to be exceeding nitrogen dioxide legal limits in 2020, therefore both councils have been asked by government to work together and assess the need for a Clean Air Zone.

The area exceeding legal levels in the New Forest is an extension of the area being assessed in Southampton - a short stretch of the A35 from the Redbridge Causeway, Totton. Therefore, New Forest District Council is now included within Southampton City Council's assessment.

The assessment has been carried out over recent months and suggested that a charging scheme is needed in Southampton for the most polluting buses, coaches, taxis and heavy goods vehicles. Supporting measures are also proposed to protect the most vulnerable businesses that may be significantly effected by a charging scheme, for example by receiving assistance in initially paying some or all of the proposed charge and encourage uptake of cleaner vehicles through available funding schemes.

The assessment also concluded that New Forest should be compliant with nitrogen dioxide legal limits without intervention by 2020 and measures implemented in Southampton should deliver additional improvements in nitrogen dioxide levels in the New Forest.

By completing the survey about the Clean Air Zone, you will see the preferred option and other options considered, why we have chosen it and some of the support we'd like to put in place for those who might be negatively impacted. You are encouraged to read this information thoroughly before you add your responses.

A final plan will be submitted to government for approval in Autumn 2018 and this consultation will inform how that final plan will look.

For full details about the Clean Air Zone and to take part in the consultation, go to

Updated: 28 Jun 2018
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