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Budgets and spending

Council Budgets and Spending

The Council budgets and spending are monitored and controlled by the Accountancy Service.

The terms of reference for the Accountancy Service are determined by the Chief Executive, Bob Jackson, as the designated statutory responsible financial officer. The Service ensures that Codes of Practice and legislation are incorporated within the Council's financial framework.

The Accountancy Service is primarily responsible for:

  • Provision of key strategic advice to Council, Cabinet, Committees, Review Panels and Officers;
  • The production of statutory budgets;
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting of income and expenditure;
  • Preparation and publication of the Council's statutory Annual Financial Report;
  • Evaluating the implications of legislation on the Council's strategic financial framework for both revenue and capital expenditure;
  • Management of the Council's investments and borrowing;
  • Preparation of grant claims, financial and statistical returns, VAT returns, income allocation and the reconciliation of bank accounts.
Updated: 6 Nov 2015
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