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Council owned land and premises

Contact details:

Julie Gillespie (Legal Services) 023 8028 5588 Email:

Appletree Court, Lyndhurst SO43 7PA
Tel: 023 8028 5000

The Council has a computerised system of large scale ordnance survey maps showing the boundaries of all land owned by the Council. Also shown are details of all acquisitions and disposals together with leases, lettings, licences, easements and rights of way except market lettings and individual garage site lettings which are separately managed.

Can you tell me whether the land next to my house is Council owned?

Yes, provided the precise location of the land concerned can be accurately described (see below for information we need in order to help you)

What if I want to know who owns private property?

Please contact the Land Registry on or 0300 006 0411 to obtain the relevant enquiry form. NB the Land Registry will be unable to assist you if it turns out that the land concerned is unregistered, in which case you may wish to make enquiries locally with neighbours. Alternatively, if the land is subject to development proposals the Head of Development Control will be able to provide information on recent planning applications received.

What information do I need to give you before you can tell me whether the Council owns a particular property or area of land?

We need to know the boundaries of the land in question and if possible the full postal address. We should be able to tell from a telephone enquiry whether the Council owns land nearby, but for a more precise answer, a plan showing the exact boundaries of the land can be submitted by email or post (see contact details at the top of the page).

Is there a charge for this information?

Not at present. However, dependent upon the future demand for this service, the Council may consider introducing a charge to offset the administrative costs.

How long will it take you to find out the information I have requested?

Again, this will be dependent upon demand and also upon the need for a detailed plan to be submitted to the Council. If the level of enquiries remains manageable, and provided all necessary details have been provided to us, then a telephone response can normally be given within one working day. In certain cases, depending on the complexity of land ownership in the area, reference to the Council's deeds may be required in which case the enquiry may take longer.

Updated: 11 May 2016
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