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Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are those which are untaxed and do not appear to have an owner.

They may also be damaged or unroadworthy.

The council can remove abandoned vehicles from the highway. If you wish to report an abandoned vehicle, you can call customer services on 023 8028 5000 or complete the e-form - Report an abandoned vehicle (opens in a new window)

Please have as much of the following information as possible:

  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Registration
  • Colour
  • Whether the car has a tax disc visible
  • Location of vehicle

If the vehicle does appear to be abandoned, we will issue a series of notices advising the owner that it will be removed. We cannot remove vehicles from private land, this is the responsibility of the land owner.

Is an untaxed vehicle abandoned?

Not always. There can be reasons why a vehicle remains untaxed, especially when it is on private land.

If a vehicle is untaxed but in regular use, please report it to the DVLA using the link below (this is an external website)
How to report an untaxed vehicle on the highway

Burnt out vehicles

The police may initially want to investigate burnt out vehicles as a criminal offence but the council will remove it after they have finished. For you own safety, please do not touch burnt out vehicles.

Updated: 10 Dec 2014
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